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Computers in the Schools

2016 Volume 33, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Present Research on the Flipped Classroom and Potential Tools for the EFL Classroom

    Jeff Mehring

    The flipped classroom can support the implementation of a communicative, student-centered learning environment in the English as a foreign language classroom. Unfortunately, there is little... More

    pp. 1-10

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  2. The Synergistic Effects of Self-Regulation Tools and the Flipped Classroom

    Kelly B. Butzler

    Students at open-enrollment institutions enter college with a wide range of academic preparedness and are often required to take developmental classes to increase their academic skills to be... More

    pp. 11-23

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  3. Flipped Classroom Implementation: A Case Report of Two Higher Education Institutions in the United States and Australia

    Jacqueline E. McLaughlin, Paul J. White, Julia Khanova & Elizabeth Yuriev

    This case report explored the implementation of flipped classrooms at two higher education institutions. Experiences and publications from the institutions were used to identify and describe common... More

    pp. 24-37

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  4. Flip This Classroom: A Comparative Study

    Tiffany Unruh, Michelle L. Peters & Jana Willis

    The purpose of this research was to compare the beliefs and attitudes of teachers using the flipped versus the traditional class model. Survey and interview data were collected from a matched... More

    pp. 38-58

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