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Computers in the Schools

2014 Volume 31, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Exploring the Use of Podcasts and Vodcasts: Multimedia Tools for Word Learning

    Joneen Lowman

    The study investigated the impact of podcasts and vodcasts accessed through an iPod on fourth-and sixth-grade students' vocabulary acquisition. Students were randomly assigned to either a... More

    pp. 251-270

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  2. Elementary School Teachers' Use of Technology during Mathematics Teaching

    Drew Polly

    Various educational technologies have been advanced as potential vehicles to transform teaching and learning. Still, research studies have documented that primary school teachers struggle to... More

    pp. 271-292

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  3. The Bring Your Own Technology Initiative: An Examination of Teachers' Adoption

    Yanet Cardoza & Jeanne Tunks

    This case study explored teachers' concerns, use, and actual practices in their adoption of the Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) initiative. Participants were 12 secondary teachers in a... More

    pp. 293-315

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  4. An Examination of How a Teacher's Use of Digital Tools Empowers and Constrains Language Arts Instruction

    Amy C. Hutchison & Lindsay Woodward

    The Common Core State Standards produce a need to understand how digital tools can support literacy instruction. The purpose of this case study was to explore how a language arts teacher's... More

    pp. 316-338

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  5. Static versus Dynamic Disposition: The Role of GeoGebra in Representing Polynomial-Rational Inequalities and Exponential-Logarithmic Functions

    Günhan Caglayan

    This study investigates prospective secondary mathematics teachers' visual representations of polynomial and rational inequalities, and graphs of exponential and logarithmic functions with... More

    pp. 339-370

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