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Computers in the Schools

2014 Volume 31, Number 3

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Examining Differentiation and Utilization of iPads across Content Areas in an Independent, PreK-4th Grade Elementary School

    Natalie B. Milman, Angela Carlson-Bancroft & Amy Vanden Boogart

    This mixed methods case study examined the implementation of a 1:1 iPad initiative in a suburban, co-educational, independent, preK-4th grade elementary school in the United States. This article... More

    pp. 119-133

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  2. Teachers' Critical Evaluations of Dynamic Geometry Software Implementation in 1:1 Classrooms

    Jennifer Ware & Sarah Stein

    Although the use of dynamic software in high school mathematics in the United States has emerged as a research topic, little research has been conducted on how teachers integrate new software in... More

    pp. 134-153

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  3. Student-Created Digital Media and Engagement in Middle School History

    Curby Alexander

    In this study, student engagement during classroom activities was investigated where sixth graders created digital media projects using historical images. The study employed a qualitative design... More

    pp. 154-172

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  4. Using Class Blogs in 1:1 Schools-Searching for Unexplored Opportunities

    Annika Andersson & Kalle Räisänen

    This article focuses on class blogs and presents results from 1:1 schools in Sweden. While Swedish schools are increasingly using Web 2.0 technologies (e.g., wikis and blogs), most of this use is... More

    pp. 173-196

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  5. Evaluation of simSchool: An Instructional Simulation for Pre-Service Teachers

    Deb Deale & Ray Pastore

    This study uses theory-based design principles to evaluate the effectiveness of an instructional simulation, simSchool. It begins by examining the simulation and evaluation literature, followed by ... More

    pp. 197-219

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  6. Effective Assistive Technology Consideration and Implications for Diverse Students

    Vita L. Jones & Lezlee J. Hinesmon-Matthews

    Often the consideration of assistive technology devices and services during the individualized education program (IEP) process is overlooked. Because the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act... More

    pp. 220-232

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  7. School Administrators' Use of iPads: Impact of Training and Attitudes toward School Use

    Bulent Dogan & Kadir Almus

    As Apple iPads are increasingly being adopted in schools for educational purposes, school administrators are seen as the key facilitators in the implementation of this new technology. This survey... More

    pp. 233-250

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