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Computers in the Schools

2013 Volume 30, Number 4

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  1. Cell Phones in the Classroom: Teachers' Perspectives of Inclusion, Benefits, and Barriers

    Kevin M. Thomas, Blanche W. O'Bannon & Natalie Bolton

    Historically viewed as a disruption by teachers, cell phones have been banned from 69% of classrooms (Common Sense Media, 2009). The increased ubiquity and instructional features of cell phones... More

    pp. 295-308

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  2. Getting in Touch: Use of Mobile Devices in the Elementary Classroom

    Katia Ciampa & Tiffany L. Gallagher

    In this single-case study, we examined the perceived influence of school-wide Apple iPod Touch integration on student learning and engagement. Data collection consisted of elementary teacher and... More

    pp. 309-328

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  3. Teachers' Use of YouTube in the United Arab Emirates: An Exploratory Study

    Rana M. Tamim

    Teachers around the world are using YouTube movies for different purposes. This mixed-methods study was a preliminary investigation of United Arab Emirates teachers' perceptions about YouTube&... More

    pp. 329-345

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  4. Common Challenges and Experiences of School Districts That Are Implementing One-to-One Computing Initiatives

    Andrew Topper & Sean Lancaster

    This article explores the implementation of various K-12 one-to-one computing initiatives to determine if patterns exist. These initiatives are funded in times of limited resources and constitute a... More

    pp. 346-358

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  5. Free for All: A Case Study Examining Implementation Factors of One-to-One Device Programs

    Sarah K. Howard & Ellie Rennie

    Despite significant investment in school one-to-one device programs, little is known about which aspects of program implementation work and why. Through a comparison of two implementation models,... More

    pp. 359-377

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