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Computers in the Schools

2011 Volume 28, Number 4

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Inquiry-Based Lessons that Integrate Technology: Their Development and Evaluation in Elementary Mathematics Teacher Education

    Nancy Wentworth & Eula E. Monroe

    Technology-enhanced mathematics tasks were introduced to elementary pre-service candidates (n = 84) and in-service teachers (n = 38), who then, either in partners or small groups, created and... More

    pp. 263-277

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  2. Sharing, Talking, and Learning in the Elementary School Science Classroom: Benefits of Innovative Design and Collaborative Learning in Computer-Integrated Settings

    J Andres Gallardo-Virgen & Robert A. DeVillar

    Impact on student achievement of randomly assigned students working individually or collaboratively in mixed- and matched-gender pairs at a computer on predetermined science tasks was investigated.... More

    pp. 278-290

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  3. Measuring Teacher Attitudes toward Instructional Technology: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the TAC and TAT

    Dominick Shattuck, Kristen A. Corbell, Jason W. Osbourne, Gerald Knezek, Rhonda Christensen & Lisa Leonor Grable

    In this article the authors present a confirmatory factor analysis of the Teachers' Attitudes Toward Computers (TAC) and the Teachers' Attitudes Toward Information Technology (TAT) scales by... More

    pp. 291-315

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  4. Beyond the Book: Using Web 2.0 Tools to Develop 21st Century Literacies

    Judith J. Smith & Ellen Dobson

    New information and communications technologies (ICT) are redefining teacher education. A university faculty member and an instructional technology consultant incorporated information and... More

    pp. 316-327

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