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Computers in the Schools

2010 Volume 27, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Scholarly Knowledge Development and Dissemination in an International Context: Approaches and Tools for Higher Education

    Jerry Willis, Josh Baron, Reba-Anna Lee, Mary Gozza-Cohen & Amity Currie

    This paper looks at the process of collaboratively creating and disseminating information resources, such as journals, books, papers, and multimedia resources in higher education. This process has ... More

    pp. 155-199

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  2. The Trend toward Online Project-Oriented Capstone Courses

    Charles C. Tappert & Allen Stix

    At Pace University we have been using real-world student projects in capstone computing courses for about 10 years. While the courses were conducted in a traditional classroom environment during... More

    pp. 200-220

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  3. Technology Integration in the Schools of Guyana: A Case Study

    Gregory MacKinnon & Paula MacKinnon

    The following study examines the implementation of learning technologies in Guyana, South America. Specifically, the study addresses the impact of using interactive radio instruction for teaching... More

    pp. 221-246

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  4. South Korean Digital Textbook Project

    Jackie Hee-Young Kim & Hye-Yoon Jung

    South Korea has adopted the widespread use of digital textbooks. Part school reform and part an effort to prepare today's children for tomorrow's challenging world, the way in which this effort was... More

    pp. 247-265

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  5. Utilizing Web 2.0 to Provide an International Experience for Pre-Service Elementary Education Teachers--The IPC Project

    Leigh T. Ausband & Klaudia Schultheis

    This paper describes an international project completed by groups of pre-service elementary education students in four countries. Students utilized Web 2.0 technologies to design and conduct a... More

    pp. 266-287

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  6. Creating Higher Education Academic and Information Technology Resources in an International Context

    Josh Baron, Jerry Willis & Reba-Anna Lee

    A number of contemporary factors have combined to create a situation that encourages and supports international collaboration among institutions of higher education. Factors such as the... More

    pp. 288-308

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