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Computers in the Schools

2010 Volume 27, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Role of Computers in Educating Young Children: U.S. and Japanese Teachers' Perspectives

    Arti Joshi, Alex Pan, Masaru Murakami & Shankar Narayanan

    This study was conducted with kindergarten teachers in the United States and Japan with respect to their beliefs about the role of computers in educating young children. Overall findings indicated ... More

    pp. 5-19

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  2. An Investigation on Experienced Teachers' Knowledge and Perceptions of Instructional Theories and Practices

    Leping Liu, Paul E. Jones & William A. Sadera

    Instructional practices in schools have been constantly changing over the years, and educators' knowledge about these practices is an important factor that influences their effective use. This... More

    pp. 20-34

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  3. Conditions for Ubiquitous Computing: What Can Be Learned from a Longitudinal Study

    Jing Lei

    Based on survey data and interview data collected over four academic years, this longitudinal study examined how a ubiquitous computing project evolved along with the changes in teachers, students,... More

    pp. 35-53

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  4. 21st Century Paradigms for Pre-Service Teacher Technology Preparation

    Judy Lambert & Yi Gong

    This study investigated major course changes in 11 sections of a stand-alone educational technology course redesigned around 21st century skill sets as opposed to technical skill development.... More

    pp. 54-70

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