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Computers in the Schools

2009 Volume 26, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. School Environment and Technology Implementation in K-12 Classrooms

    Ruiling Lu & Richard C. Overbaugh

    The purpose of this study was to examine teachers' perceptions of their school environment in terms of factors that enhance or prohibit the use of instructional technology. The study also... More

    pp. 89-106

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  2. Technology with Cognitive and Mathematical Fidelity: What It Means for the Math Classroom

    Beth Bos

    Technology according to the National Council of Mathematics plays a special role in teaching and learning mathematics. Technology when used effectively can deepen mathematical understanding and... More

    pp. 107-114

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  3. Using Multimedia Graphic Organizer Software in the Prewriting Activities of Primary School Students: What Are the Benefits?

    Barbara Lorenz, Tim Green & Abbie Brown

    The use of multimedia graphic organizer software and how it influenced the prewriting process for primary school children were evaluated. An analysis of writing samples generated by second-grade... More

    pp. 115-129

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  4. Revisiting Technology Integration in Schools: Implications for Professional Development

    Emily Hixon & Janet Buckenmeyer

    As the technology infrastructure of schools expands, a common concern has been the underutilization of computers and other technologies in the classroom. Teachers are often blamed for failing to... More

    pp. 130-146

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  5. Internet Use among Middle School Students in School and at Home: What Can We Learn from a U.S.-China Comparison?

    Jing Lei, Jingye Zhou & Qiu Wang

    Based on data collected from middle school students in a U.S. school (N = 159) and a Chinese school (N = 183), this study compared Internet use in school and at home between American students and... More

    pp. 147-164

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