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Computers in the Schools

Aug 09, 2007 Volume 24, Number 1

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  1. Digital Backpacks: Facilitating Faculty Implementation of Technologies for Teaching and Learning

    Susan Amirian

    The purpose of this paper is to present the Digital Backpacks program, to discuss its design, development, and implementation. Digital Backpacks was created to give university faculty and partner K... More

    pp. 5-14

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  2. Lessons Learned from IMPACTing Technology Integration Practices: Four IMPACT Model Case Studies

    William Sugar & Diane D. Kester

    This article describes the efforts of four North Carolina schools that implemented the state's IMPACT model into their respective schools. The primary emphasis of this IMPACT model focuses on the... More

    pp. 15-32

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  3. Using Internet Communication Technologies by Low-Income High School Students in Completing Educational Tasks inside and outside the School Setting

    Eun-Ok Baek & Seth Freehling

    This qualitative research study examines the home use of Information and Communicative Technologies (ICT) by high school students living in economically disadvantaged households. The students' use ... More

    pp. 33-55

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  4. Laptop Initiative Impact: Assessed Using Student, Parent and Teacher Data

    Diane M. Murphy, Frederick B. King & Scott W. Brown

    Several university researchers were invited to assist in the implementation and study of a Laptop Initiative for high school students. This initiative provided laptop computers for 247 students and... More

    pp. 57-73

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  5. Integrating Technology and a Standards-Based Pedagogy in a Geometry Classroom: A Mature Teacher Deals with the Reality of Multiple Demands and Paradigm Shifts

    Barry Mitchell, John L. Bailey & Eula Monroe

    A mature mathematics teacher (one in the latter stages of a successful career in teaching secondary mathematics) sought support in making a paradigm shift to a technology-integrated pedagogy in the... More

    pp. 75-91

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  6. Writing for Publication: An Analysis of 591 Articles in Five Journals Dealing with Information Technology in Education

    Kulwadee Axtell, Amy J. Chaffin, Suzanne Aberasturi, Tina Paone & Cleborne Maddux

    This article presents information about all articles published over three years in five different journals dealing with information technology in education. The researchers collected all 591... More

    pp. 93-104

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  7. An Examination of Publication Bias in an International Journal of Information Technology in Education

    Leping Liu, Suzanne M. Aberasturi, Kulwadee Axtell & Aaron Richmond

    Publication bias refers to a tendency to publish articles with significant results over publications with nonsignificant results. In this article we first review the literature of publication bias ... More

    pp. 145-163

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