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Computers in the Schools

Jul 12, 2005 Volume 22, Number

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Online Learning as a Demonstration of Type II Technology:

    Kulwadee Kongrith

    Online learning can be an effective tool in second language acquisition (SLA) because it can be an efficient and convenient way to provide accurate, understandable material to second language... More

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  2. Teachers as Designers of Learning Environments

    Foo Seau Yoon, Jeanne Ho & John G. Hedberg

    This study examined how six Singapore teachers approached the design and implementation of a unit of work (topic) to demonstrate exemplary classroom practices that engage learners and use ICT in... More

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  3. Authentic Instruction in Laptop Classrooms: Sample Lessons that Integrate Type II Applications

    Ann E. Barron & J Christine Harmes

    Laptop computers and Type II applications can provide powerful tools for elementary classrooms, especially if they are combined with authentic instruction. This article provides information and... More

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  4. An Examination of Gender Differences in Elementary Constructionist Classrooms Using Lego/Logo Instruction

    Sally R. Beisser

    Gender disparity exists in many educational environments despite conscientious attempts to equalize opportunities and outcomes. Research studies indicate females are less likely to effectively... More

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