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Computers in the Schools

March 2004 Volume 20, Number 4

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Number of articles: 3

  1. A Study of the Effectiveness of Using Computers to Assess the Phonic Knowledge of Pre-Service Teachers

    John C. Davis, George F. Canney & Daniel Kmitta

    This study addressed the following question: Does a computerized test with an auto-score feature enhance students' test performance of phonic content compared to an existing paper-and-pencil test? ... More

    pp. 37-48

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  2. Why Do Teachers Need to Use Technology in Their Classrooms? Issues, Problems, and Solutions

    Feng Wang & Thomas C. Reeves

    Will computers repeat the failure that older technologies (e.g., film, radio, and television) experienced concerning educational applications of technology? A simple question seems to be helpful... More

    pp. 49-65

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  3. Measuring Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Curriculum Integration

    Romina M. J. Proctor, Glenice Watson & Glenn Finger

    There is currently a trend toward the development of methodologies to measure Information and Communication Technology (ICT) curriculum integration and its resultant impact on student learning... More

    pp. 67-87

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