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Computers in the Schools

Jun 24, 2002 Volume 18, Number 2

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Instruments for Assessing the Impact of Technology in Education

    Rhonda Christensen & Gerald Knezek

    Ten years of instrument development are summarized and placed within a framework for assessing the impact of technology in education. Seven well-validated instruments spanning the areas of... More

    pp. 5-25

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  2. Using Interaction Content Analysis Instruments to Assess Distance Learning

    Baruch Offir, Yossi Lev, Yael Lev & Ingrid Barth

    Utilizing the full potential of distance education requires an understanding of how the absence of face-to-face communication affects the relationship between teaching behaviors and learning... More

    pp. 27-41

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  3. Computer Testing in Education: Emerging Trends

    Anna C. McFadden, George E. Marsh & Barrie Jo Price

    The rapid growth of the Internet and intranets supports the infrastructure necessary for computer-based testing (CBT). The parallel growth of sophisticated computer programming and powerful... More

    pp. 43-60

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  4. Effective Practices in Distance Education

    Carmen L. Gonzales & Laura Sujo De Montes

    Distance education is changing the landscape of higher education and many faculty are now developing Web-based courses. This paper describes the lessons learned by the authors' experiences and... More

    pp. 61-77

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  5. Assessing Student Learning in Instructional Technology: Dimensions of a Learning Model

    Leping Liu & D Lamont Johnson

    A study of methods to assess student learning in instructional technology courses was conducted using an IT learning model that consists of four dimensions. Static assessment and dynamic assessment... More

    pp. 79-95

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  6. New Directions in the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Educational Technology

    Walter F. Heinecke, Natalie B. Milman, Lisa A. Washington & Laura Blasi

    Drawing from work by Shadish, Cook, and Leviton (1991) on social program evaluation, the authors discuss recent changes in evaluation theory and practices, and they connect these changes to... More

    pp. 97-110

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  7. Another Perspective on Assessing the Significance of Information Technology in Education

    Jarkko Alajaaski & Jyrki Suomala

    The significance of information technology in education is usually assessed or evaluated on terms of some measures of effectiveness. In different school settings the effectiveness is... More

    pp. 111-125

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