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Computers in the Schools

1998 Volume 14, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Barriers to the Successful Use of Information Technology in Education

    Cleborne D. Maddux

    Discusses a few of the causes for less-than-optimum educational uses of the Internet. Highlights include problems with state-level plans; the fear of pornography and Web censorship; the location of... More

    pp. 5-11

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  2. Using WWW, Usenets, and E-Mail To Manage a Mathematics Pre-Service Technology Course

    Leslee Francis Pelton & Timothy W. Pelton

    Discusses the need to learn about computer technology in preservice teacher education and describes a course developed at Brigham Young University as a model for teaching mathematics using... More

    pp. 79-93

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  3. Teacher Attitudes toward and Knowledge of Computer Technology

    Janice V. Hardy

    Examines the literature that discusses teacher attitudes toward and knowledge of computer technology to determine how they incorporate it into their classrooms. Topics include motivation; training;... More

    pp. 119-36

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