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Computers in the Schools

1994 Volume 10, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Enhancing a Multicultural Program through HyperText Links

    Martha Irwin

    Describes a multicultural literacy project that has been successfully implemented in three school districts in southeastern Michigan and explains the hypertext materials that enhance it. Highlights... More

    pp. 255-80

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  2. An Example of Software Development and Authoring with HyperCard: Creating an Interactive Video Simulation for Teaching Basic Principles of Classroom Management to Pre-Service Teachers

    Richard C. Overbaugh

    Describes the development of an interactive video simulation, the "Classroom Management Simulation," that teaches eight basic principles of classroom management to preservice teachers. Highlights... More

    pp. 313-38

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  3. The Effects of Visible Link-Types on Learning in the Hypertext Environment: An Empirical Study

    Zhengmai Zhao

    This empirical study examines the effects of visible link-types on learning in a hypertext environment. Learning outcomes and learning processes of two groups, one using visible link-types and one ... More

    pp. 353-70

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  4. The Relationship of Learning, Behavior, and Cognitive Style in Hypermedia-Based Instruction: Implications for Design of HBI

    Herman G. Weller

    Discussion of hypermedia-based instruction (HBI) focuses on the effects of cognitive style on student achievement. The development of interactive software for eighth-grade students studying... More

    pp. 401-20

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