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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2011 Volume 44, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Changes in Student Motivation during Online Learning

    Kyong-Jee Kim & Theodore W. Frick

    Self-directed e-learning (SDEL) refers to electronic learning environments where there are often no peer learners or instructors regularly available. Past studies suggest that lack of time and lack... More

    pp. 1-23

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  2. Examining the Effects of an Electronic Classroom Response System on Student Engagement and Performance

    Robert A. Bartsch & Wendy Murphy

    This experiment examines the causal effect an electronic classroom response system (ECRS) has on students. Previous studies using an ECRS in the classroom indicate improved performance; however,... More

    pp. 25-33

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  3. Developing Pre-Service Teachers' Technology Integration Expertise through the TPACK-Developing Instructional Model

    Joyce H. L. Koh & Shanti Divaharan

    This study describes the TPACK-Developing Instructional Model which prescribes an instructional process for developing pre-service teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)... More

    pp. 35-58

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  4. Technology Integration through Professional Learning Community

    Lauren Cifuentes, Gerri Maxwell & Sanser Bulu

    We describe efforts to build a learning community to support technology integration in three rural school districts and the contributions of various program strategies toward teacher growth. The... More

    pp. 59-82

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  5. Professional Growth through Online Mentoring: A Study of Mathematics Mentor Teachers

    DeAnna McAleer & Art Bangert

    This article explores how patterns of engagement and program design impact professional learning and development of mathematics mentor teachers as they participate in an asynchronous mentoring... More

    pp. 83-115

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