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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2009 Volume 41, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. The Influence of Technological Literacy on Students' Writing

    Kristen H. Turner & Elvira K. Katic

    Many forms of technological communication exist in non-linear environments and there is potential for new approaches to learning and teaching which may more closely approximate naturalistic and... More

    pp. 253-270

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  2. A Study of Student Interactions during Asynchronous Mathematical Problem Solving

    Thomas E. Cooper

    This study was conducted to investigate the quality and nature of the students' interactions during asynchronous online problem solving in two sections of College Algebra taught by the author. In a... More

    pp. 271-285

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  3. Assisting Teachers' Thinking and Participation Online

    Ugur Kale, Thomas Brush & John Saye

    This study examines online messages in a discussion forum that a group of K-12 history teachers used to discuss curriculum implementations as part of their professional development. It has 3 main... More

    pp. 287-317

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  4. Using the Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge Framework to Design Online Learning Environments and Professional Development

    Aaron Doering, George Veletsianos, Cassandra Scharber & Charles Miller

    In this article we sought to understand how social studies teachers' metacognitive awareness of their technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge (TPACK) changed after their participation in ... More

    pp. 319-346

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  5. Learner Autonomy as a Predictor of Course Success and Final Grades in Community College Online Courses

    Cherng-Jyh Yen & Simon Liu

    This study employed a quantitative research design to examine the predictive relationships between: (a) learner autonomy and course success; and (b) learner autonomy and final grades in community... More

    pp. 347-367

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  6. Technology Supported Systems in SCDE: Myth versus Reality

    Virginia L. Keil & Noela A. Haughton

    The College of Education Assessment Infrastructure Survey was developed and administered to 1011 institutions over a 12-month period ending April 2007. The survey examined the capacity of... More

    pp. 369-390

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