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Journal of Educational Computing Research

2008 Volume 38, Number 1

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Building a Social and Motivational Framework for Understanding Satisfaction in Online Learning

    Yi-Mei Lin, Guan-Yu Lin & James M. Laffey

    This study examines how social and motivational attributes may influence students' online learning experiences. Based on a review of social theories of learning and research about individual... More

    pp. 1-27

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  2. Toward an Understanding of Why Students Contribute in Asynchronous Online Discussions

    Wing Sum Cheung, Khe Foon Hew & Connie Siew Ling Ng

    The use of online learning is growing very fast in universities. Consequently, understanding how to promote student contribution in asynchronous online discussions, which is considered an integral ... More

    pp. 29-50

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  3. Effectiveness of Interactive Online Algebra Learning Tools

    Cathy Cavanaugh, Kathy Jo Gillan, Jan Bosnick, Melinda Hess & Heather Scott

    This study of student performance in an online Algebra course looked at the development, implementation, and evaluation of interactive tools for graphing linear equations. The study focused on an... More

    pp. 67-95

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  4. Early Childhood Computer Experience and Cognitive Development among Urban Low-Income Preschoolers

    Angela M. Fish, Xiaoming Li, Katy McCarrick, Sheretta T. Butler, Bonita Stanton, Gail A. Brumitt, Navaz Peshotan Bhavnagri, Teresa Holtrop & Ty Partridge

    This study investigates the association between home computer experience and cognitive development among preschool children in inner-city Head Start programs. Approximately 200 children enrolled in... More

    pp. 97-113

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