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Information Technology and Libraries

1987 Volume 6, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Combining Electronic Mail with Online Retrieval in a Library Context

    Michael K. Buckland

    The functions of electronic mail and online catalogs are described, and the possible uses of the two in conjunction for library purposes are explored, including notes between librarians, broadcast ... More

    pp. 266-71

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  2. A Gateway Approach to Library System Networking

    David A. Anderson & Michael T. Duggan

    Describes a technique for accessing a library system with limited interconnectivity by connecting the system to a gateway machine that is a host in the local area network and evaluates the... More

    pp. 272-77

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  3. Selection of an Online Public Access Catalog: A Checklist Approach

    Victoria O'Rourke

    The development, field testing, and evaluation of a checklist approach to selecting an integrated library automation system are described, and recommendations for using this approach are outlined. ... More

    pp. 278-87

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  4. Online Catalogs and Shelflist Files: A Survey of ARL Libraries

    Margie Epple & Bernice Ginder

    Describes a survey of research libraries with online catalogs planned or in place that examined the status of card catalogs, shelf list files, and the capability of online systems to handle... More

    pp. 288-96

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  5. Indexing for the Online Catalog

    A B. Chitty

    Proposes a rationale to be used in comparing and evaluating alternative library computer catalogs, based on varieties of bibliographic data processed, kinds of indexes constructed, and desired... More

    pp. 297-304

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  6. Incremental Costs of Library Service Policies for Online Catalog Access

    Raymond G. Taylor

    Presents a model that calculates the conditions under which a library may adopt a highly service-oriented online catalog access policy at minimum additional cost. The use of arrival rates, service ... More

    pp. 305-9

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