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Computers & Education

December 2006 Volume 47, Number 4

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Teachers’ attitudes toward information and communication technologies: the case of Syrian EFL teachers

    Abdulkafi Albirini

    Based on the new technology initiative in Syrian education, this study explored the attitudes of high school English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers in Syria toward ICT. In addition, the study... More

    pp. 373-398

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  2. Teaching e-commerce Web page evaluation and design: a pilot study using tourism destination sites

    Bernard Susser & Taeko Ariga

    This study explores a teaching method for improving business students’ skills in e-commerce page evaluation and making Web design majors aware of business content issues through cooperative... More

    pp. 399-413

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  3. The design and the formative evaluation of a web-based course for simulation analysis experiences

    Yu-Hui Tao, Shin-Ming Guo & Ya-Hui Lu

    Simulation output analysis has received little attention comparing to modeling and programming in real-world simulation applications. This is further evidenced by our observation that students and ... More

    pp. 414-432

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  4. Sharing and constructing perspectives in web-based conferencing

    Päivi Häkkinen & Sanna Järvelä

    This study investigates the quality and nature of virtual interaction in a higher education context. The study aims to find out variables that mediate virtual interaction, particularly the emerging... More

    pp. 433-447

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  5. Artificial intelligence approach to support statistical quality control teaching

    Marcelo Menezes Reis, Edson Pacheco Paladini, Suresh Khator & Willy Arno Sommer

    Statistical quality control – SQC (consisting of Statistical Process Control, Process Capability Studies, Acceptance Sampling and Design of Experiments) is a very important tool to obtain, maintain... More

    pp. 448-464

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  6. Student perceived effectiveness of computer technology use in post-secondary classrooms

    Gretchen Lowerison, Jennifer Sclater, Richard F. Schmid & Philip C. Abrami

    This study investigated the relationship between the amount of computer technology used in post-secondary education courses, students’ perceived effectiveness of technology use, and global course... More

    pp. 465-489

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