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Computers & Education

May 2005 Volume 44, Number 4

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Preparing undergraduate students for work in virtual product development teams

    Roman Žavbi & Jože Tavčar

    The development of innovative and competitive products and mastery of IT&T technologies are crucial for a company's long-term success in the global market. The main flag bearers for development are... More

    pp. 357-376

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  2. Gender issues in Internet access and favourite Internet activities among Greek high school pupils inside and outside school

    Marina Papastergiou & Christina Solomonidou

    This study investigates gender differences in Internet use by Greek high school pupils within school and out of school environments. A sample of 340 pupils (170 boys and 170 girls), aged 12–16... More

    pp. 377-393

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  3. Learning technologies: Affective and social issues in computer-supported collaborative learning

    Ann Jones & Kim Issroff

    This paper is concerned with affective issues in learning technologies in a collaborative context. Traditionally in learning there has been a division between cognition and affect: where cognition ... More

    pp. 395-408

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  4. Voluntary use of online lecture notes: correlates of note use and note use as an alternative to class attendance

    Mark Grabe

    Note taking and note reviewing are essential college student learning activities. A large number of carefully controlled studies have evaluated student effectiveness in implementing each of these... More

    pp. 409-421

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  5. VisSearch: A collaborative Web searching environment

    Young-Jin Lee

    VisSearch is a collaborative Web searching environment intended for sharing Web search results among people with similar interests, such as college students taking the same course. It facilitates... More

    pp. 423-439

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  6. Cognitive style, hypermedia navigation and learning

    Andrea Calcaterra, Alessandro Antonietti & Jean Underwood

    This study examined the influence of cognitive style, spatial orientation and computer expertise on hypertext navigation patterns and learning outcomes when participants interacted with a... More

    pp. 441-457

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  7. Using a shared workspace and wireless laptops to improve collaborative project learning in an engineering design class

    David J. Nicol & Iain A. MacLeod

    Two different technologies, groupware (a shared workspace) and shared wireless laptop computers, were implemented in a project design class in a civil engineering course. The research interest was ... More

    pp. 459-475

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  8. Skills required for participating in CMC courses: An empirical study

    Zippy Erlich, Iris Erlich-Philip & Judith Gal-Ezer

    The development of new communication technologies and their applications has opened a broad spectrum of options to promote learning, of which a significant one is CMC – Computer-Mediated... More

    pp. 477-487

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