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Computers & Education

November 2003 Volume 41, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Assisting the uptake of on-line resources: why good learning resources are not enough

    Gayle Calverley & Kerry Shephard

    The proliferation of information resources for learning, and the increased range of media that make up learning resources, introduce new challenges for those supporting the effective use of online ... More

    pp. 205-224

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  2. Description of novelty, novelty of description: a dialectic analysis of a Web-based course

    Jan J. Perold & David J.F. Maree

    This article proposes a theoretical framework for the identification and classification of the various processes that constitute Web-based education. The framework is based on the following... More

    pp. 225-248

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  3. Multimedia learning system and its effect on self-efficacy in database modeling and design: an exploratory study

    Waiman Cheung, Eldon Y. Li & Lester W. Yee

    Metadatabase modeling and design integrate process modeling and data modeling methodologies. Both are core topics in the information technology (IT) curriculum. Learning these topics has been an... More

    pp. 249-270

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  4. College student Web use, perceptions of information credibility, and verification behavior

    Miriam J Metzger, Andrew J Flanagin & Lara Zwarun

    Concerns about the potentially dubious nature of online information and users' ability to evaluate it appropriately prompted this research on college students' use of Web-based information, their... More

    pp. 271-290

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  5. Using sentence openers to foster student interaction in computer-mediated learning environments

    Ard W. Lazonder, Pascal Wilhelm & Susanne A.W. Ootes

    This paper reports two studies into the efficacy of sentence openers to foster online peer-to-peer interaction. Sentence openers are pre-defined ways to start an utterance that are implemented in... More

    pp. 291-308

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