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Computers & Education

2002 Volume 39, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. A visual programming approach for teaching cognitive modelling

    Trevor D. Collins & Pat Fung

    This paper describes an investigation into the use of a visual programming language to teach computer-based modelling to undergraduate cognitive psychology students. Four sets of evaluation studies... More

    pp. 1-18

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  2. Writing development of Arab and Jewish students using cooperative learning (CL) and computer-mediated communication (CMC)

    Rachel Hertz-Lazarowitz & Irit Bar-Natan

    Writing has become central in today's schools as a measure for academic success. In this study 599 5th- and 6th-grade students, 210 Jews and 389 Arabs (310 boys and 289 girls), studied in three... More

    pp. 19-36

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  3. Assessing aspects of children's written grammar: automating the process

    C.E Holdich, R.G Holdich & P.W.H Chung

    Teachers are expected to make regular assessments of pupils' writing, providing feedback about their strengths and weaknesses. If the computer could assist teachers in this task by effectively... More

    pp. 37-50

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  4. An architectural system for retrieving messages to respond dangling questions in learning forum

    Chih-Kai Chang

    After an instructor has used a Web-based forum in a course for years, the system database will contain an accumulation of discussion messages, which may be on similar topics, from different classes... More

    pp. 51-64

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  5. On-line video media for continuing professional development in dentistry

    Patricia A. Reynolds & Robin Mason

    This project investigated the exploitation of on-line video media for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of dentists. More specifically it focused on the evolution of the video media... More

    pp. 65-98

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