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Computers & Education

2001 Volume 37, Number 2

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Integrating communication formats: synchronous versus asynchronous and text-based versus visual

    M.Beatrice Ligorio

    The present article describes activities undertaken in the virtual world called “Euroland” to promote collaborative knowledge building, using a variety of communication formats. The communication... More

    pp. 103-125

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  2. Designing efficient text presentation of multimedia CAI — the evaluation of dynamic text patterns and the negative repetition effect on memory

    Shih-Tseng Tina Huang & Min-Jin H Lin

    The present study investigated the effects of presenting the same material with dynamic text patterns in multimedia CAI. Four commonly used dynamic text patterns were utilized to present 10 basic... More

    pp. 127-140

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  3. Four spaces of network learning models

    Tak-Wai Chan, Chih-Wei Hue, Chih-Yueh Chou & Ovid J.L Tzeng

    The development of information and communication technology changes how, what, who, when, where and why we learn. Unfortunately, little is known of the exact impact that these changes will bring to... More

    pp. 141-161

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  4. Obstacles to the integration of ICT in education: results from a worldwide educational assessment

    W.J Pelgrum

    The main focus of this article is on the perceptions of educational practitioners (at the lower secondary level) regarding obstacles that seriously impede the realization of ICT-related goals of... More

    pp. 163-178

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