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Computers & Education

2001 Volume 36, Number 4

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  1. Comparing alternate teaching styles to teach computing skills to girls in their English classes

    Leah M Bromfield, Valerie A Clarke & Nicholas Lynch

    Low female participation rates in computing are a current concern of the education sector. To address this problem an intervention was developed — computing skills were introduced to girls in their... More

    pp. 285-297

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  2. Online Judge

    Andy Kurnia, Andrew Lim & Brenda Cheang

    This report describes and evaluates the implementation and applicability of an automatic programming assignment grading system we named the online judge. We compared this with the manual grading... More

    pp. 299-315

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  3. Building a user-based model for web executive learning systems — a study of Taiwan's medium manufacturing companies

    Yu-Hui Tao, I-Fong Ho & Rosa C Yeh

    Historically, business executives, among all company members, have the least opportunities to interact with computers. Executive information system is the only known mature information system... More

    pp. 317-332

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  4. Computer literacy and applications via distance e-learning

    David Lupo & Zippy Erlich

    In this paper we present an innovative framework for the teaching of computer literacy and application that can serve as a new educational paradigm in teaching courses in a distance learning format... More

    pp. 333-345

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  5. Children's enjoyment and perception of computer use in the home and the school

    Shazia Mumtaz

    This paper seeks to examine the nature and experiences of children's computer use in the home and school. Past research suggests a growing gap between computer use in the home and the school. This ... More

    pp. 347-362

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