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Computers & Education

2000 Volume 35, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Experiences of using a public key infrastructure for the preparation of examination papers

    David W Chadwick, Rana Tassabehji & Andrew Young

    A project that piloted the secure electronic preparation of examination papers ran during the first semester of the academic year 1998/99 at the University of Salford. The examination papers were... More

    pp. 1-20

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  2. Beyond chat on the internet

    Albert L. Ingram, Lesley G. Hathorn & Alan Evans

    Synchronous Computer Mediated Communications (CMC) are becoming increasingly important to education. Not only do they offer quick access to information over the Internet, but they also fit well... More

    pp. 21-35

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  3. Transparent and opaque boxes: do women and men have different computer programming psychologies and styles?

    Peter McKenna

    An orthodox ‘hard mastery’ programming style is a cornerstone of Sherry Turkle’s influential psychoanalysis of different approaches to learning and practice in computer programming. Hard mastery... More

    pp. 37-49

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  4. Closing of the gender gap in technology enriched science education: a case study

    Jolie Mayer-Smith, Erminia Pedretti & Janice Woodrow

    This case study explores a popular assertion, namely that success in technology enriched science classrooms is gender dependent. We investigate how students respond to substantive changes that... More

    pp. 51-63

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  5. Internet addiction, usage, gratification, and pleasure experience: the Taiwan college students’ case

    Chien Chou & Ming-Chun Hsiao

    This study explores Internet addiction among some of the Taiwan’s college students. Also covered are a discussion of the Internet as a form of addiction, and related literature on this issue. This ... More

    pp. 65-80

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