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Computers & Education

2000 Volume 34, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Student characteristics and computer-mediated communication

    E.Vance Wilson

    Use of computer-mediated communication systems (CMCS) to support coursework is increasing, both as a means for students to prepare for using CMCS in their careers and as a mechanism for delivering ... More

    pp. 67-76

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  2. Managing the change from face-to-face to distance training for SMEs

    Maria Ferraris, Stefania Manca, Donatella Persico & Luigi Sarti

    FADxPMI is a project aimed at supporting the evolution from a training system firmly based on the face-to-face approach into one where Open and Distance Learning (ODL) techniques are widely used,... More

    pp. 77-91

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  3. Researching computers and education — glimpses of the wider picture

    Neil Selwyn

    With information and communications technology (ICT) beginning to form the basis of extensive educational reform around the world, this paper considers how research into educational computing can... More

    pp. 93-101

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  4. Students’ skills and practices of using ICT: results of a national assessment in Finland

    Kai Hakkarainen, Liisa Ilomäki, Lasse Lipponen, Hanni Muukkonen, Marjaana Rahikainen, Taneli Tuominen, Minna Lakkala & Erno Lehtinen

    The purpose of the study was to investigate Finnish elementary and high school students’ skills and practices of using the new information and communication technologies (ICT). Beliefs about the... More

    pp. 103-117

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  5. Factors influencing the success of computer mediated communication (CMC) environments in university teaching: a review and case study

    Andrew Tolmie & James Boyle

    Despite its potential benefits, the effectiveness of CMC when used to support learning in higher education is very variable, making it important to identify those factors which best predict... More

    pp. 119-140

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  6. On- and off-campus computer usage in engineering education

    Stuart Palmer

    Computers and information technology play an important role in engineering education at the School of Engineering and Technology, Deakin University, Australia. Experience has shown that there are... More

    pp. 141-154

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