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Computers & Education

1997 Volume 28, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. A comparison between the recommendations of computing curriculum 1991 and the views of software development managers in Ireland

    Declan Jerome Byrne & Jeffrey L. Moore

    Several important efforts have been made to create detailed recommendations on the content of undergraduate computing courses. The most significant of these “Computing Curriculum 1991” provided... More

    pp. 145-154

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  2. Teaching transient behavior of electrical machines with personal computers

    Mehmet Akbaba

    This paper discusses the use of personal computers in teaching the transient and steady-state behavior of electrical machines. It explains how computer simulations help students to get better... More

    pp. 155-164

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  3. Evaluation of a physics multimedia resource

    Justin Watkins, Andy Augousti & Gayle Calverley

    The evaluation of a computer-based learning package is described, in which the resource was used for primary delivery of first-year physics courses in six universities. The results presented show... More

    pp. 165-171

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  4. Timetabling in Hong Kong secondary schools

    Lam-For Kwok, Siu-Cheung Kong & Ying-Yu Kam

    A high quality timetable in a school can reduce grievances of the teaching force and enhance teaching quality. This survey aims to understand the scope of the timetabling exercise and the profile... More

    pp. 173-183

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  5. Interactive learning environments to support independent learning: The impact of discernability of embedded support devices

    R.L. Martens, M.M.A. Valcke & S.J. Portier

    In this article the effectivity of prototypes of interactive learning environments (ILE) is investigated. These computer-based environments are used for independent learning. In the learning... More

    pp. 185-197

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