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Computers & Education

1994 Volume 22, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Hypermedia for the Learning Disabled: Expensive Luxury or Useful Tool

    Andrew Rostron

    Discussion of whether information technology can play a significant role in improving the quality of life for people with severe learning difficulties focuses on a study in the United Kingdom that ... More

    pp. 215-23

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  2. Student Preferences toward Microcomputer User Interfaces

    Sunil I. Hazari & Rita R. Reaves

    Describes a study of undergraduates that was conducted to determine students' preferences toward Graphical User Interface versus Command Line Interface during computer-assisted instruction.... More

    pp. 225-29

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  3. Prototyping of Computer-Based Training Materials

    D E. Gray & T R. Black

    Defines prototyping as an original version or model on which a completed software system for computer-based training is formed; examines the development process of a prototype; describes how... More

    pp. 251-56

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  4. Applications of General Systems Theory to the Development of an Adjustable Tutorial Software Machine

    Hans J. Vos

    Describes the construction of a model of computer-assisted instruction using a qualitative block diagram based on general systems theory (GST) as a framework. Subject matter representation is... More

    pp. 265-76

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