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Computers & Education

1993 Volume 21, Number 4

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Using Hypertext for College Course Information

    Ronald H. Nowaczyk & April D. Snyder

    Discussion of hypertext systems and navigation focuses on a study conducted with undergraduates at Clemson University (South Carolina) that compared a hypertext browsing system with a linearly... More

    pp. 273-79

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  2. Making Programming Knowledge Explicit

    Pavol Navrat & Viera Rozinajova

    Addresses the question of how to write computer programs using explicit knowledge and rules-based systems. Highlights include the knowledge representation tool; the knowledge base on programming;... More

    pp. 281-99

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  3. Gender and Computing: Change over Time?

    A Durndell & P Lightbody

    Describes a study of first-year students at a university in Scotland that was conducted to determine their use of computers at home and in school, their knowledge about information technology, and ... More

    pp. 331-36

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