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Computers & Education

1993 Volume 20, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Collaborative Learning and the MUCH System

    Roy Rada

    Discussion of collaborative learning focuses on the MUCH (Many Using and Creating Hypermedia) System, developed at the University of Liverpool (England) for designing and implementing collaborative... More

    pp. 225-33

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  2. Software Style and Interaction around the Microcomputer

    Anthony Anderson

    Describes a study at a secondary school in Glasgow (Scotland) in which teacher-pupil and pupil-pupil pairs of users collaboratively used eight commercial educational software programs, four related... More

    pp. 235-50

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  3. Measuring Attitude toward Computers among Undergraduate College Students: The Affective Domain

    Leslie J. Francis

    Discussion of measuring computer-related attitudes of students focuses on the development of a new measure of attitudes toward computers for use with undergraduate students that operationalizes the... More

    pp. 251-55

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  4. Case Studies of Navigational Patterns in Constructive Hypertext

    Mark A. Horney

    Describes EntryWay, a hypertext authoring extension for HyperCard, and presents eight case studies that examined hypertext navigation patterns created by seven users of EntryWay. Five patterns of... More

    pp. 257-70

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