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Computers & Education

1992 Volume 18, Number 4

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Comparing Different Approaches to Programming from an Educational Viewpoint

    Rosa Maria Bottino

    Reports results of two studies that compared the introduction of procedural (exemplified by Pascal) and declarative (exemplified by Prolog) programing languages to Italian secondary school students... More

    pp. 273-81

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  2. Comparing Awareness and Use of Content-Free Software in Comprehensive Schools

    G D. Moss

    Reports on a survey on use of content-free software (i.e., word processing, desktop publishing, database management, spreadsheets, statistics, and computer-aided design) by secondary school... More

    pp. 283-91

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  3. Some Factors Affecting Elementary Teachers' Use of the Computer

    Cynthia Winnans & Deborah Sardo Brown

    Results of a survey of fourth and fifth grade teachers regarding computer use are reported in the following areas: educational background and comfort level; perceptions about improving computer... More

    pp. 301-9

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