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Computers & Education

1990 Volume 14, Number 6

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Number of articles: 4

  1. MIS Possible Impact on Educational Organizations as Loosely-Coupled Systems

    Moshe Telem

    Discusses the introduction of management information systems (MISs) into schools. The loosely coupled (LC) nature of schools is compared with tightly coupled (TC) systems, including administrative ... More

    pp. 463-73

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  2. Getting to Grips with Database Design: A Step by Step Approach

    John Rae

    Describes a case study approach to teaching database design principles to undergraduate students that is based on a library database. Topics discussed include database management systems,... More

    pp. 481-88

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  3. Enhancing the Learning Process with Expert Systems

    Zeinab A. Karake

    Discusses the use of artificial intelligence and expert system shells to enhance the learning process of graduate or undergraduate statistics students. A student exercise is described using STAT... More

    pp. 495-503

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  4. Computers in Schools: A New Source of Inequity

    Peggy C. Kirby

    Describes a study that investigated the use of microcomputers in elementary and secondary schools in one southern state. The availability of hardware, software, and personnel resources is discussed... More

    pp. 537-41

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