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Computers & Education

February 2017 Volume 105, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Gender and attitudes toward technology use: A meta-analysis

    Zhihui Cai, Xitao Fan & Jianxia Du

    Gender difference in the attitude toward technology use has long been a concern in education. The last meta-analysis on this issue covered the empirical studies up to about 20 years ago. Since then... More

    pp. 1-13

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  2. A meta-analysis of the impact of technology on learning effectiveness of elementary students

    Sumedha Chauhan

    The existing studies suggest that if technology is interwoven comprehensively into pedagogy, it can act as a powerful tool for effective learning of the elementary students. This study conducted... More

    pp. 14-30

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  3. Models of integration of virtualization in education: Virtualization technology and possibilities of its use in education

    Milan Klement

    At present, virtualization and virtualization technology represent a powerful tool for the consolidation and simplification of vast hardware and software structures administration. Their potential ... More

    pp. 31-43

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  4. Scientific modeling with mobile devices in high school physics labs

    Chia-Yu Liu & Chao-Jung Wu, National Taiwan Normal University; Wing-Kwong Wong, Department of Electronic Engineering; Yunn-Wen Lien, National Taiwan University; Tsung-Kai Chao, Graduate School of Engin. Sci. and Tech.

    Scientific modeling is thought to help students understand the world and scientific phenomenon. Science laboratory in school should provide well-designed activities to promote students' model... More

    pp. 44-56

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  5. Social theory of internet use: Corroboration or rejection among the digital natives? Correspondence analysis of adolescents in two societies

    Tomasz Drabowicz

    This paper tests a theory of social uses of the Internet (López-Sintas, Filimon, & García-Álvarez, 2012), inspired by the work of Bourdieu (1984, 1986, 1989), outside the Spanish national context... More

    pp. 57-67

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