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Economics of Education Review

Volume 27, Number 5

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Number of articles: 10

  1. Does teacher testing raise teacher quality? Evidence from state certification requirements

    Joshua D. Angrist & Jonathan Guryan

    The education reform movement includes efforts to raise teacher quality through stricter certification and licensing provisions. Most US states now require public school teachers to pass a... More

    pp. 483-503

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  2. Teacher licensure status and student achievement: Lessons from private schools

    Nancy S. Sharkey & Dan Goldhaber

    Data from the National Education Longitudinal Survey of 1988 (NELS:88) were used to investigate the effect of teacher licensure status on private school students’ 12th grade math and science test... More

    pp. 504-516

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  3. College majors and the knowledge content of jobs

    James A. Freeman & Barry T. Hirsch

    College students select majors for a variety of reasons, including expected returns in the labor market. This paper demonstrates an empirical method linking a census of US degrees and fields of... More

    pp. 517-535

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  4. Does money buy higher schooling?: Evidence from secondary school track choice in Germany

    Marcus Tamm

    The German schooling system selects children into different secondary school tracks already at a very early stage in life. School track choice heavily influences choices and opportunities later in ... More

    pp. 536-545

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  5. Degree flexibility and university drop-out: The Italian experience

    Giorgio Di Pietro & Andrea Cutillo

    How to reduce university drop-out is a topic of increasing concern. Although several measures have been the subject of numerous debates, little attention has been given to those impacting on the... More

    pp. 546-555

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  6. The influence of an NCLB accountability plan on the distribution of student test score gains

    Matthew G. Springer

    Previous research on the effect of accountability programs on the distribution of student test score gains is decidedly mixed. This study examines the issue by estimating an educational production ... More

    pp. 556-563

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  7. The labour market effects of Alma Mater: Evidence from Italy

    Giorgio Brunello & Lorenzo Cappellari

    We use data from a nationally representative survey of Italian graduates to study whether Alma Mater matters for employment and earnings 3 years after graduation. We find that the attended college ... More

    pp. 564-574

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  8. Child labour and educational success in Portugal

    Pedro Goulart & Arjun S. Bedi

    The current debate on child labour focuses on developing countries. However, Portugal is an example of a relatively developed country where child labour is still a matter of concern as between 8%... More

    pp. 575-587

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  9. College quality and early adult outcomes

    Mark C. Long

    This paper estimates the effects of various college qualities on several early adult outcomes, using panel data from the National Education Longitudinal Study. I compare the results using ordinary ... More

    pp. 588-602

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  10. The cost efficiency impact of the university operation fund on public universities in Taiwan

    Jenn-Shyong Kuo & Yi-Cheng Ho

    This study uses the stochastic frontier multiple-product cost function that is modeled after Battese and Coelli [Battese, G. E., & Coelli, T. J. (1995). A model for technical inefficiency effects... More

    pp. 603-612

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