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Economics of Education Review

Volume 25, Number 6

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Number of articles: 7

  1. The effects of interrupted enrollment on graduation from college: Racial, income, and ability differences

    Stephen L. DesJardins, Dennis A. Ahlburg & Brian P. McCall

    We present a multiple spells-competing risks model of stopout, dropout, reenrollment, and graduation behavior. We find that students who experience an initial stopout are more likely to experience ... More

    pp. 575-590

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  2. Fertility, relative wages, and labor market decisions: A case of female teachers

    Jaeun Shin & Sangho Moon

    This paper examines the effects of fertility and relative wages on occupational choice (teaching versus non-teaching) and labor force participation decisions of female college graduates using... More

    pp. 591-604

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  3. Institutional research productivity and the connection to average student quality and overall reputation

    Stephen R. Porter & Robert K. Toutkoushian

    We posit that institutions of higher education attempt to maximize their reputation, and that an institution's reputation, research output, and average student quality are determined simultaneously... More

    pp. 605-617

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  4. Schools, school quality and achievement growth: Evidence from the Philippines

    Marigee P. Bacolod & Justin L. Tobias

    A broad literature seeks to assess the importance of schools, proxies for school quality, and family background on children's achievement growth using the education production function. Using rich ... More

    pp. 619-632

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  5. Private school location and neighborhood characteristics

    Lisa Barrow

    Using data from Illinois, I examine relationships between the number of private schools and characteristics of the public schools and surrounding population. I find positive, statistically... More

    pp. 633-645

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  6. Asymmetries in progression in higher education in Taiwan: Parental education and income effects

    Jin-Tan Liu, Shin-Yi Chou & Jin-Long Liu

    A unique data set on Taiwan was employed to investigate the socioeconomic family backgrounds of students attending universities. Our empirical study found that individuals attending university are ... More

    pp. 647-658

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  7. Is there an impact of household computer ownership on children's educational attainment in Britain?

    John Schmitt & Jonathan Wadsworth

    If personal computers (PCs) are used to facilitate learning, then a home computer might be considered a potential input in an educational production function. Using data on British youths from the ... More

    pp. 659-673

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