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Economics of Education Review

Volume 25, Number 5

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Number of articles: 10

  1. Alternative paths to college completion: Effect of attending a 2-year school on the probability of completing a 4-year degree

    Jonathan Sandy, Arturo Gonzalez & Michael J. Hilmer

    Recent research indicates that college students who transfer from community colleges are significantly less likely to complete a 4-year college degree than students who begin at 4-year institutions... More

    pp. 463-471

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  2. Marijuana consumption and school failure among Spanish students

    Rosa Duarte, José Julián Escario & José Alberto Molina

    This paper examines the hypothetically bi-directional relationship which links marijuana consumption and school failure among students. To that end, we propose a simultaneous probability model,... More

    pp. 472-481

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  3. Does alcohol use during high school affect educational attainment?: Evidence from the National Education Longitudinal Study

    Pinka Chatterji

    This paper uses data from the National Education Longitudinal Study to estimate the association between high school alcohol use and educational attainment measured around age 26. Initially, the... More

    pp. 482-497

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  4. Evidence on the relationship between firm-based screening and the returns to education

    Sarah Brown & John G. Sessions

    We explore the relationship between the signalling role of education and direct screening measures adopted by employers using a matched employee–employer data set drawn from the 1998 "Workplace... More

    pp. 498-509

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  5. Why we should care if teachers get A's: Teacher test scores and student achievement in Mexico

    Lucrecia Santibañez

    Understanding the relationship between teacher test scores and student achievement is important in an accountability environment that favors using quantitative measures of teaching quality, as is... More

    pp. 510-520

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  6. Demand for public education: Evidence from a rural school district

    Anthony Stair, Terance J. Rephann & Matt Heberling

    This study examines the question of how much households are willing to pay for improvements in the quality of local public education in two areas of a rural school district in Pennsylvania. The... More

    pp. 521-531

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  7. The effects of state funding on property tax rates and school construction

    Elizabeth Plummer

    In response to concerns over funding for school construction, the state of Texas has implemented two programs to assist school districts with construction-related debt. This paper examines whether ... More

    pp. 532-542

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  8. Cost efficiency in the university: A departmental evaluation model

    Víctor M. Giménez & José Luis Martínez

    This article presents a model for the analysis of cost efficiency within the framework of data envelopment analysis models. It calculates the cost excess, separating a unit of production from its... More

    pp. 543-553

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  9. Determinants of human capital formation and economic growth of African countries

    Moses O. Oketch

    Rapid economic growth and improving living standards have benefited almost all regions of the world since the industrial revolution. Africa stands out as one regional exception. While several... More

    pp. 554-564

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  10. Does watching television rot your mind? Estimates of the effect on test scores

    Madeline Zavodny

    This study examines whether the number of hours of television watched by young adults is associated with performance on standardized exams and whether any such relationship is causal. Data from the... More

    pp. 565-573

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