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Economics of Education Review

April 2005 Volume 24, Number 2

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Number of articles: 8

  1. The effect of charter schools on charter students and public schools

    Eric P. Bettinger

    This paper estimates the effect of charter schools on both students attending them and students at neighboring public schools. Using school-level data from Michigan's standardized testing program, ... More

    pp. 133-147

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  2. Does education cause better health? A panel data analysis using school reforms for identification

    Jacob Nielsen Arendt

    We address whether the relationship between education and health can be interpreted causally. Alternatively, both may be determined by common unobserved factors such as individual time preferences.... More

    pp. 149-160

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  3. Education returns of wage earners and self-employed workers: Portugal vs. Spain

    Inmaculada García-Mainar & Víctor M. Montuenga-Gómez

    This paper investigates the returns to education in two Southern EU countries, Portugal and Spain, both characterized by a relatively high self-employment rate. The impact of education on both wage... More

    pp. 161-170

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  4. Asset distribution and tertiary education expenditure in developing countries

    Jinyoung Hwang

    This paper examines whether initial asset distribution affects the composition of government expenditure on education. Using a cross-section of developing countries, it is found that a country’s... More

    pp. 171-178

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  5. The effects of gender on salary-at-hire in the academic labor market

    Peter Toumanoff

    This paper uses data compiled from faculty files at a private, doctoral-granting research university to investigate whether or not there are gender-related differences in salary offers at the time ... More

    pp. 179-188

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  6. Is there a difference between private and public education on college performance?

    John B. Horowitz & Lee Spector

    This article examines the impact of private high schools vs. public high schools on the academic performance of 15,270 undergraduate students registered at Ball State University. Students who went ... More

    pp. 189-195

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  7. The educational outcomes of occupational sub-baccalaureate students: evidence from the 1990s

    Mariana Alfonso, Thomas R. Bailey & Marc Scott

    Occupational students constitute the majority of enrollments at community colleges. Moreover, over the last 15 years, the “vocationalization” of the community college has been one of the most... More

    pp. 197-212

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  8. Race, equity, and public schools in post-Apartheid South Africa: Equal opportunity for all kids

    Futoshi Yamauchi

    This paper examines dynamic changes in educational quality and equity differences between Black and other population groups in post-Apartheid South African public schools, using the ratio of... More

    pp. 213-233

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