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Economics of Education Review

October 2004 Volume 23, Number 5

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Come and stay a while: does financial aid effect retention conditioned on enrollment at a large public university?

    Larry D Singell

    Few studies examine whether financial aid affects college retention. This paper uses University of Oregon data to examine financial aid’s affect on retention net of uniquely detailed enrollee... More

    pp. 459-471

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  2. A test of the sorting model of education in Australia

    Paul W Miller, Charles Mulvey & Nick Martin

    In this paper we test the hypothesis advanced by Weiss (J. Economic Perspectives 9(4)(1995)133) that under sorting models the return to schooling across identical twins would decline over time... More

    pp. 473-482

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  3. Do parental cash transfers weaken performance in college?

    Örn B. Bodvarsson & Rosemary L. Walker

    When parents support children in college, does this undermine the incentive to do well? The authors test the hypothesis that parental cash transfers induce college students to commit moral hazard... More

    pp. 483-495

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  4. The effect of public and private competition on high school outputs in New York State

    Kenneth V. Greene & Byung-Goo Kang

    An extensive data set on upstate New York school district is used to test whether competition from private schools and competition within the public school sector positively affect public school... More

    pp. 497-506

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  5. The academic quality of public school teachers: an analysis of entry and exit behavior

    Michael Podgursky, Ryan Monroe & Donald Watson

    The authors investigate how the labor market decisions of recent college graduates, new teachers, and employers affect the academic quality of the teaching workforce in public schools. They use a... More

    pp. 507-518

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  6. The evolution of the graduation–publication process

    Haoming Liu & Cheolsung Park

    This paper examines the evolution of the graduation–publication process of economics PhDs over the past three decades. Using data on their first publications in top economics journals, we find that... More

    pp. 519-531

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  7. “No significant distance” between face-to-face and online instruction: evidence from principles of economics

    Dennis Coates, Brad Humphreys, John Kane & Michelle Vachris

    This paper describes an experiment focused on measuring and explaining differences in students learning between online and face-to-face modes of instruction in college level principles of economics... More

    pp. 533-546

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