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Economics of Education Review

Volume 22, Number 5

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Curious George: the enduring Psacharopoulos legacy on the economics of education in developing countries

    Emmanuel Jimenez & Harry Anthony Patrinos

    pp. 451-454

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  2. On the mechanics of progress in primary education

    Alain Mingat & Jee-Peng Tan

    As countries grow rich, education improves in many ways. The sector enjoys more resources for education per primary school-aged child, not because of bigger budget allocations, nor an easing of the... More

    pp. 455-467

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  3. The complementarity of language and other human capital: immigrant earnings in Canada

    Barry R. Chiswick & Paul W. Miller

    This paper analyzes the effects of language practice on earnings among adult male immigrants in Canada using the 1991 census. Earnings are shown to increase with schooling, pre-immigration... More

    pp. 469-480

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  4. Efficiency and equity in schools around the world

    Eric A. Hanushek & Javier A. Luque

    Attention to the quality of human capital in different countries naturally leads to concerns about how school policies relate to student performance. The data from the Third International... More

    pp. 481-502

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  5. Education and earnings in a transition economy: the case of Vietnam

    Peter R Moock, Harry Anthony Patrinos & Meera Venkataraman

    Major economic reforms in Vietnam since 1986 have included a number of measures to liberalize the labor market. It is too soon to assess the full impact of these reforms, but this paper represents ... More

    pp. 503-510

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  6. Numeracy, literacy and earnings: evidence from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth

    Christopher Dougherty

    The analysis is concerned with the contributions of numeracy and literacy to earnings, for three reasons. First, no clear pattern emerges from existing findings relating to the contributions of... More

    pp. 511-521

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  7. Child labor and school enrollment in Thailand in the 1990s

    Zafiris Tzannatos

    This paper examines the broad patterns, trends and characteristics of child labor in Thailand in the last decade. It then undertakes an empirical analysis which suggests that the determinants of... More

    pp. 523-536

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