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Economics of Education Review

Volume 21, Number 5

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Number of articles: 10

  1. Learning and earning in the middle, part II: state and local studies of pre-baccalaureate education

    W.Norton Grubb

    This paper reviews evidence on the economic benefits of postsecondary education below the baccalaureate degree, based on results using state Unemployment Insurance wage record data. While the state... More

    pp. 401-414

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  2. Is a broader curriculum better?

    P.J Dolton & A Vignoles

    There is now an overwhelming amount of international evidence on the returns to an additional year of education. However, there has been relatively little research into the impact of different... More

    pp. 415-429

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  3. Does the choice of university matter?: a study of the differences across UK universities in life sciences students' degree performance

    Massimiliano Bratti

    This paper investigates differences across UK universities in 1993 life sciences students' degree performance using individual-level data from the Universities' Statistical Record (USR).... More

    pp. 431-443

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  4. Merit, need, and student self selection: is there discretion in the packaging of aid at a large public university?

    Larry D. Singell Jr.

    Prior studies find that the overall level of financial aid depends on need and merit. This study extends prior work by empirically modeling and testing the role of merit and need in the offer,... More

    pp. 445-454

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  5. Determinants of school attainment of boys and girls in Turkey: individual, household and community factors

    Aysit Tansel

    This study investigates the determinants of school attainments of boys and girls in Turkey. Although high levels of enrollments have been achieved at the primary school level for both boys and... More

    pp. 455-470

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  6. A nested logit model of the choice of a graduate business school

    Mark Montgomery

    Less than a handful of papers have used data on individuals to examine people's decisions about which school to attend. This paper develops a nested logit model of the determinants of choice of a... More

    pp. 471-480

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  7. On the dynamics of quality student enrollment at institutions of higher education

    David Mayer-Foulkes

    Academic institutions seeking excellence attract good students through reputation. How high should their academic level be set? Suppose that teaching seeks to maximize aggregate discounted student ... More

    pp. 481-489

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  8. Hedonic wage equations for higher education faculty

    Philip E. Graves, James R. Marchand & Robert L. Sexton

    This paper discusses the use of hedonic techniques to theoretically and empirically understand the wages of higher education faculty. The paper first presents theoretical models of department and... More

    pp. 491-496

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  9. Student loans in Canada: an analysis of borrowing and repayment

    S Schwartz & R Finnie

    This paper reports the results of an econometric analysis of the borrowing and repayment patterns of Canadian bachelor's level university graduates, using data from the National Graduates Survey ... More

    pp. 497-512

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  10. Growth and educational levels: a comparative analysis

    P.E. Petrakis & D. Stamatakis

    This article investigates the effect of human capital on growth in three groups of countries that exhibit significantly different levels of development. The empirical work attempts to uncover... More

    pp. 513-521

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