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Economics of Education Review

Volume 21, Number 4

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Learning and earning in the middle, part I: national studies of pre-baccalaureate education

    W.Norton Grubb

    This report reviews the available evidence on the economic benefits of postsecondary education below the level of the baccalaureate degree, concentrating on the effects of community colleges.... More

    pp. 299-321

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  2. Market-based reforms of public schooling: some unpleasant dynamics

    Nick Adnett, Spiros Bougheas & Peter Davies

    Reforms in many countries have attempted to increase the degree of competition in schooling markets. The partial implementation of market solutions has not always produced the uniform, system-wide ... More

    pp. 323-330

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  3. Intergenerational mobility, sibling inequality and borrowing constraints

    Alejandro Gaviria

    This paper studies differences in social mobility between rich and poor families. The paper shows that borrowing constraints retard social mobility among the poor by preventing poor parents from... More

    pp. 331-340

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  4. Public university in Argentina: subsidizing the rich?

    Martı́n González Rozada & Alicia Menendez

    We analyze some characteristics of the higher education system in Argentina regarding equity and efficiency. Individuals attending the university belong to the top deciles of the income... More

    pp. 341-351

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  5. Staying-on at school at 16: the impact of labor market conditions in Spain

    Barbara Petrongolo & Marı́a J San Segundo

    Despite the recent increase in educational investment, Spain still ranks towards the bottom of the OECD country list for the level of its human capital stock and the new inflow of high school... More

    pp. 353-365

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  6. Financing student loans in Thailand: revolving fund or open-ended commitment?

    Adrian Ziderman

    A student loans scheme (SLS) came into effect recently in Thailand, covering both upper secondary and tertiary level schooling. The central objective of the scheme is social — to increase access of... More

    pp. 367-380

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  7. Immigrant status, race, and institutional choice in higher education

    Alison P. Hagy & J.Farley Ordovensky Staniec

    This paper examines the postsecondary enrollment decisions of immigrant students, expanding on previous work by explicitly considering their choices among institution types and by examining... More

    pp. 381-392

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