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Economics of Education Review

Volume 20, Number 2

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Number of articles: 6

  1. The effects of state political interests and campus outputs on public university revenues

    Robert C. Lowry

    Using data for 428 individual campuses in all 50 states, I show that state government funding and tuition and fee revenues at public universities depend on both political and economic factors.... More

    pp. 105-119

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  2. Dynamic rates of return to education in the U.S

    Omar Arias & Walter W McMahon

    This paper develops dynamic and expected dynamic rates of return to high school and college education for males and females for 1967–95 that take the effects of annual changes in institutional... More

    pp. 121-138

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  3. Youth transition from school to work in Spain

    Gérard Lassibille, Lucı́a Navarro Gómez, Isabel Aguilar Ramos & Carolina de la O Sánchez

    Using a data set drawn from the "Encuesta Socio-Demográfica" conducted by the "Instituto Nacional de Estadı́stica" in 1991, we analyze the labor market entrance of Spanish school leavers and the... More

    pp. 139-149

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  4. Transfer from two-year to four-year college: an analysis of gender differences

    Brian J Surette

    Nearly one-third of all students who attend a two-year college transfer to a four-year college by the time they turn 25. This paper demonstrates that women are less likely than men to transfer, and... More

    pp. 151-163

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  5. Educational attainment and the gender wage gap: evidence from the 1986 and 1991 Canadian censuses

    Pamela Christie & Michael Shannon

    The paper takes advantage of the detailed information on educational attainment and field of study provided in the Canadian Census to examine gender differences in educational attainment and the... More

    pp. 165-180

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  6. Post-school-age training among women: training methods and labor market outcomes at older ages

    Elizabeth T. Hill

    This study uses the NLS Mature Women's Cohort to examine labor market effects of education and training on women at pre-retirement ages, comparing training methods: formal education, on-the-job... More

    pp. 181-191

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