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Economics of Education Review

Volume 20, Number 1

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Evaluating performance in Chicago public high schools in the wake of decentralization

    Shawna Grosskopf & Chad Moutray

    This research analyses the changes in performance for Chicago high schools between 1989 and 1994 following the introduction of site-based management in 1988. The purpose of this paper is to assess ... More

    pp. 1-14

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  2. Rational choice under unequal constraints: the example of Belgian higher education

    Denis Rochat & Jean-Luc Demeulemeester

    The virtues of laisser faire in the sphere of educational choices appear these days more and more doubtful when one looks at the apparently irrational students preferences for fields in low demand ... More

    pp. 15-26

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  3. The efficiency–equity trade-off of schooling outcomes: public education expenditures and welfare in Mexico

    Alec Ian Gershberg & Til Schuermann

    We analyze how a central government allocates resources to states in the education sector. In particular, we use two relevant criteria in the decision-making process: the equity–efficiency trade... More

    pp. 27-40

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  4. A merit pay allocation model for college faculty based on performance quality and quantity

    H.Roland Weistroffer, Michael A Spinelli, George C Canavos & F.Paul Fuhs

    The salary of most college and university faculty in the United States is based on merit and market factors, rather than on a fixed scale. This article proposes a structured model for faculty... More

    pp. 41-49

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  5. Pay for performance in public and private schools

    Dale Ballou

    Previous research on teacher merit pay has concluded that its failure is due to the complexity of teachers' jobs and the need for teamwork and cooperation in schools. This research re-opens the... More

    pp. 51-61

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  6. Determinants of intrastate variation in teacher salaries

    Michael L Walden & Zulal Sogutlu

    Previous work on understanding the determinants of average teacher salaries has focused on interstate variation. This study addresses determinants of intrastate variation in teacher salaries. Using... More

    pp. 63-70

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  7. Is there a crowding-out effect between school expenditure and mother's child care time?

    Hong-Kyun Kim

    The effect of a change in school expenditure decisions on the amount of time mothers devote to child care is examined. The results demonstrate that school expenditure is important in determining... More

    pp. 71-80

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  8. Can flexible non-linear modeling tell us anything new about educational productivity?

    Bruce D. Baker

    The objective of this study is to test, under relatively simple circumstances, whether flexible non-linear models — including neural networks and genetic algorithms — can reveal otherwise... More

    pp. 81-92

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