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Economics of Education Review

Volume 19, Number 4

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Educational finance to support high learning standards: a synthesis

    James H. Wyckoff & Michelle Naples

    By 1997, the New York State Board of Regents had required that all students would be subject to the rigorous requirements of the Regents exams in order to graduate from public high schools. These... More

    pp. 305-318

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  2. Accounting for the effects of increased high school graduation expectations on pupil performance and resource allocation: results from New York State

    David H Monk, Samid Hussain & William Miles

    Increases in high school graduation requirements are prompting interest in the consequences for students, taxpayers, and educators. This study examines the experiences of New York State school... More

    pp. 319-331

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  3. Diplomas for learning, not seat time: the impacts of New York Regents examinations

    John H Bishop, Joan Y Moriarty & Ferran Mane

    Economic theory predicts that improvements in signaling of achievement generated by external exit examination systems will (1) result in students learning more and this in turn will (2) enable them... More

    pp. 333-349

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  4. The missing link: an econometric analysis on the impact of curriculum standards on student achievement

    Nicola A. Alexander

    Nationwide, state policy-makers have increasingly adopted curriculum standards as a means of improving education. However, relatively little empirical research has been done to investigate if a... More

    pp. 351-361

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  5. Financing higher student performance standards: the case of New York State

    William Duncombe & John Yinger

    Many states have made performance standards the centerpiece of educational reform. Unfortunately, school aid systems have not kept up. Most aid systems ensure minimum spending per pupil instead of ... More

    pp. 363-386

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  6. Improving teacher preparation and selection: lessons from the Pennsylvania experience

    Robert P. Strauss, Lori R. Bowes, Mindy S. Marks & Mark R. Plesko

    This paper examines Pennsylvania's teacher preparation and selection processes over the last decade. Teacher test scores are examined across colleges of education, and extreme differences in... More

    pp. 387-415

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  7. Does fiscal dependency matter? Aid elasticities for dependent and independent school districts

    Thomas A Downes

    In New York state, there is a perception that the fiscally dependent status of the five large city school districts creates an impediment to the attainment of standards. I attempt to assess the... More

    pp. 417-429

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  8. Restructuring special education funding in New York to promote the objective of high learning standards for all students

    Thomas B Parrish

    New York has given long and careful consideration to the reform of special education funding in the state. The proposal under consideration, as endorsed by the State Department of Education, is... More

    pp. 431-445

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