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Economics of Education Review

Volume 18, Number 4

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Education and employment status: a test of the strong screening hypothesis in Italy

    Sarah Brown & John G Sessions

    We apply the comparative techniques originated by Wolpin, K.I. (1977, Education and screening, "American Economic Review", 67, 949–958) and Psacharopoulos (1979, On the weak versus the strong... More

    pp. 397-404

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  2. A comparison of conventional linear regression methods and neural networks for forecasting educational spending

    Bruce D. Baker & Craig E. Richards

    This study presents an application of neural network methods for forecasting per pupil expenditures in public elementary and secondary schools in the United States. Using annual historical data... More

    pp. 405-415

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  3. Trends in the payoff to academic and occupation-specific skills: the short and medium run returns to academic and vocational high school courses for non-college-bound students

    Ferran Mane

    Using data from three longitudinal surveys of American high school students, I show that vocational courses helped non-college-bound students to start their work life more successfully. A... More

    pp. 417-437

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  4. On the distributional impact of public education: evidence from Greece

    Panos Tsakloglou & Manos Antoninis

    Household budget survey data and public budget consolidated data for 1987/88 are combined to yield a non-estimation based measure of the benefit of public education outlays in Greece. As expected... More

    pp. 439-452

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  5. Graduate education and employee performance: evidence from military personnel

    William R Bowman & Stephen L Mehay

    Few studies have examined the relationship between on-the-job productivity and graduate education using single-firm data. This paper studies the effect of graduate education on job performance... More

    pp. 453-463

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  6. Some new evidence of the character of competition among higher education institutions

    Robert F Allen & Jianshou Shen

    This study employs a simple enrollment demand model to investigate the regional market environment of a private, church-related, comprehensive institution of higher education offering undergraduate... More

    pp. 465-470

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