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Economics of Education Review

Volume 17, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Does it pay to attend an elite private college? Evidence on the effects of undergraduate college quality on graduate school attendance

    Eric Eide, Dominic J. Brewer & Ronald G. Ehrenberg

    Much attention has recently focused on the rapidly rising costs of a college education, and whether the benefits of attending an elite private college have kept pace with the increasing costs. In... More

    pp. 371-376

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  2. Efficiency differences of finnish senior secondary schools: An application of DEA and Tobit analysis

    Tanja Kirjavainen & Heikki A. Loikkanent

    We studied efficiency differences among Finnish senior secondary schools by Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). Four model variants were used. Average efficiencies in the most extensive models were 82... More

    pp. 377-394

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  3. Educational attainments and household characteristics in Tanzania

    Samer Al-Samarrai & Tessa Peasgood

    This paper uses multivariate regression techniques to analyse household survey data collected in rural Tanzania in 1992 in a joint research project by TADREG (Tanzania Development Research Group)... More

    pp. 395-417

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  4. Competition and the quality of public schools

    Thomas S. Dee

    A growing body of empirical research has provided provocative evidence that competition from private schools improves student achievement in neighboring public schools. However, this uniform... More

    pp. 419-427

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  5. The effect of gender composition of faculty on student retention

    John Robst, Jack Keil & Dean Russo

    The gender composition of faculty is an important issue on many campuses. Substantial efforts are taken by colleges to hire a diverse faculty where women are equitably represented. Several papers... More

    pp. 429-439

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