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Economics of Education Review

Volume 16, Number 2

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Labor market conditions and the high school dropout rate: Evidence from New York State

    Daniel I. Rees & H.Naci Mocan

    A number of cross-sectional studies have examined the impact of labor market conditions on the decision to drop out of school. However, results from these studies have been mixed. In this paper the... More

    pp. 103-109

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  2. Overeducation and undereducation: Evidence for Portugal

    B.F. Kiker, Maria C. Santos & M.Mendes de Oliveira

    Using a unique data set of Portuguese workers, we attempt to contribute additional empirical evidence to the debate on whether or not a discrepancy exists between the educational attainment of... More

    pp. 111-125

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  3. School quality and cognitive achievement production: A case study for rural Pakistan

    Jere R. Behrman, Shahrukh Khan, David Ross & Richard Sabot

    A critical question: what schooling inputs other than students' time are important in schooling effectiveness? This paper examines the importance of school inputs in rural Pakistan—both measured... More

    pp. 127-142

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  4. Unified salary schedule and student SAT scores: Adverse effects of adverse selection in the market for secondary school teachers

    Lawrence Southwick & Indermit S. Gill

    The use of the unified salary schedule for secondary school teachers, where pay is based solely on the years of schooling and teaching experience, results in adverse selection in the market for... More

    pp. 143-153

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  5. Evaluating school facility capacity and attendance boundaries using a large-scale assignment algorithm

    Rodolpho Elizondo, E. Andrew Boyd & Maxwell Beauregard

    With over 260 schools and almost 200,000 students, the Houston Independent School District (HISD) represents one of the largest school systems in the United States. Population growth, geographic... More

    pp. 155-161

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  6. Education and unemployment duration

    Juha Kettunen

    This paper studies the relationship between the level of education and the probability of reemployment. Search theoretical models predict that on the lowest levels additional education increases... More

    pp. 163-170

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  7. High school youths' dropout and re-enrollment behavior

    Hwei-Lin Chuang

    Numerous studies have investigated the behavior of high school dropouts from economic, sociological, and educational points of view. However, data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth... More

    pp. 171-186

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