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Economics of Education Review

Volume 16, Number 1

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Number of articles: 8

  1. An application of a structural model of school demand and supply to evaluate alternative designs of voucher education systems

    Stephen A. Hoenack

    This study presents a structural model of the demand and supply of enrollment places in parochial schools and applies this model in the evaluation of alternative designs of voucher policies. The... More

    pp. 1-14

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  2. Charter Schools: A Viable Public School Choice Option?

    Terry G. Geske, Douglas R. Davis & Patricia L. Hingle

    The charter school movement gained considerable momentum during the early 1990s in the United States. This paper provides an overview of the charter school phenomenon and begins with a... More

    pp. 15-23

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  3. A mathematical analysis of the learning production process and a model for determining what matters in education

    Andrew W. Bacdayan

    This paper describes in both economic and mathematical terms the learning production process at the individual level and derives from that profile a model to determine which factors affect that... More

    pp. 25-37

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  4. Estimating the impact of peer group effects on socioeconomic outcomes: Does the distribution of peer group characteristics matter?

    Paul Glewwe

    For some socioeconomic outcomes of interest to government policy-makers, the influence of “peer groups” may be important. For example, students' performance in school may be affected by... More

    pp. 39-43

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  5. Schooling and frailty among seniors

    J.Paul Leigh & Rachna Dhir

    What accounts for the correlations between schooling and frailty among seniors? Do the correlations differ among women, men, blacks and whites? Data from the 1986 wave of the Panel Study of Income ... More

    pp. 45-57

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  6. Does community college attendance provide a strategic path to a higher quality education?

    Michael J. Hilmer

    This paper examines the effect that previous community college attendance has on the quality of university a student chooses to attend. University quality choices under both the direct attendance... More

    pp. 59-68

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  7. Trends in the quantities of education: A pictorial essay

    Julian L. Simon & Rebecca Boggs

    This essay shows in graphs that the amount of education that youths receive has been increasing rapidly in the United States and in the rest of the world. This represents an increase in individuals... More

    pp. 69-80

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  8. Rural wages and returns to education: Differences between whites, blacks, and American Indians

    Jean Kimmel

    This paper examines racial and gender wage differences for rural workers. Its contribution is twofold, with a broadening of the existing research regarding rural workers, and its new evidence of... More

    pp. 81-96

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