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Economics of Education Review

1996 Volume 15, Number 4

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Number of articles: 10

  1. The economics of education in developing countries: An assessment of the state of the art

    Stephen A. Hoenack

    This paper assesses the present state of the art of the economics of education in developing countries in the context of the papers in this special issue. These papers help fill analytical gaps in ... More

    pp. 327-338

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  2. Economics of education: A research agenda

    George Psacharopoulos

    The paper presents a systematic taxonomy of research areas in the economics of education and gives a number of key topics that deserve more research attention in the future. Emphasis is put on... More

    pp. 339-344

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  3. Measuring the effectiveness of schooling policies in developing countries: Revisiting issues of methodology

    Jere R. Behrman

    This paper revisits the following issues regarding measuring schooling cost-effectiveness: (1) difficulties in evaluating school effectiveness from behavioral data due to measurement problems, both... More

    pp. 345-364

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  4. Municipal and private sector response to decentralization and school choice

    Donald R. Winkler & Taryn Rounds

    A large number of developing nations are in the process of decentralizing basic education, with the aim of diversifying revenue sources and introducing greater accountability and efficiency. This... More

    pp. 365-376

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  5. Do local contributions affect the efficiency of public primary schools?

    Emmanuel Jimenez & Vicente Paqueo

    Are public schools that rely on local resources for a greater share of their financing more cost-effective? Could financial decentralization lead to more efficient schools? This paper attempts to... More

    pp. 377-386

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  6. Finance, management, and costs of public and private schools in Indonesia

    Estelle James, Elizabeth M. King & Ace Suryadi

    This paper investigates the impact of public vs private finance of education and public vs private management of schools on school cost and efficiency, using school-level data on revenues,... More

    pp. 387-398

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  7. Teacher salaries in Latin America: A review

    George Psacharopoulos, Jorge Valenzuela & Mary Arends

    In this paper we use data from household surveys of 12 Latin American countries to assess how teacher salaries compare to workers in other occupations. The results show great variability from one... More

    pp. 401-406

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  8. Public spending on higher education in developing countries: Too much or too little?

    Nancy Birdsall

    This paper discusses problems with the prevalent view that public resources for education in developing countries should be reallocated from higher to lower levels of education. There may be a case... More

    pp. 407-419

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  9. Public spending on higher education in developing countries: Too much rather than too little

    George Psacharopoulos

    pp. 421-422

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  10. Financial reform of basic education in China

    Mun C. Tsang

    Since the early 1980s, the financing of basic education in China has moved rapidly away from a centralized system with a narrow revenue base to a decentralized system with a diversified revenue... More

    pp. 423-444

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