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Economics of Education Review

Volume 15, Number 3

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Number of articles: 8

  1. Race, gender, and the role of education in earnings inequality: An introduction

    Martin Carnoy

    This article serves as an introduction to an issue of the "Economics of Education Review" devoted to research on the role of education in explaining economic inequality among different ethnic/race ... More

    pp. 207-212

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  2. Education, work and earnings of Peruvian women

    Elizabeth M. King

    The paper examines the changes in the education of women in Peru and relates the rising trend in education levels to women's work and earnings. The analysis indicates that women have benefited... More

    pp. 213-230

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  3. Gender earnings differentials in Hong Kong: The effect of the state, education, and employment

    Yue-Ping Chung

    Systematic earnings differentials at the disadvantage of a particular group is in need of a solution. The Human Capital theory predicts a “trickling down” effect of education expansion on earnings ... More

    pp. 231-243

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  4. Schooling and changes in earnings differentials by gender in South Korea, 1976–1991

    Young-Sook Nam

    This paper analyzes the factors underlying the male-female earnings differential and its changes over time in South Korea between 1976 and 1991. Using data from the Occupational Wage Survey for... More

    pp. 245-258

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  5. Education and racial inequality: The human capital explanation revisited

    Martin Carnoy

    Disadvantaged minorities in the United States, such as blacks and Latinos, earn less than whites but have closed the income gap significantly in the past 50 yrs. Human capital theorists have... More

    pp. 259-272

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  6. Women and minority gains in a rapidly changing local labor market: The San Francisco Bay area in the 1980s

    Martin Carnoy & Weimin Gong

    The 1980s in the United States were a decade of significant labor market gains for women of all races and ethnic groups in the context of increased wage inequality. This paper shows that in one... More

    pp. 273-287

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  7. Changes in school enrollment patterns in Israel: A comparison between two disadvantaged groups

    Ruth Klinov

    This study analyzes enrollment rates of two disadvantaged groups in Israel-Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews originating in Arab countries (ISAA). Between 1961 (the base year for our analysis) and... More

    pp. 289-301

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  8. Early childbearing, high school completion, and college enrollment: Evidence from 1980 high school sophomores

    Susan Williams McElroy

    This paper analyzes the effect of teenage childbearing on the high school completion and college enrollment of young black and white women in the 1980s using data from the sophomore cohort of High ... More

    pp. 303-324

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